Gaming Laws, Rules and Publications

North Dakota Games of Chance Administrative Rules

Internal Control Manual

Organizations are required by both statue and administrative code to establish a written system of internal accounting and administrative controls. The Gaming division has created a sample manual to assist organizations in creating their own gaming internal controls.

Gaming Policy Manual

Organizations are required, pursuant to N.D.A.C. § 99-01.3-02-03(3) to have a policy manual on its conduct and play of games in the gaming area at a site for review by any person. The manual must include policies for resolving a question, dispute, or violation of the gaming law or rules.  The manual cannot include internal controls. 

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Quarterly Reports

North Dakota Games of Chance Reports of Activities. Prior reports, if available, can be obtained by contacting the Gaming division. Beginning January 2019, the quarterly reports will be issued after the end of the next following quarter.