A Raffle is a game in which a prize is won by a player who bought a raffle ticket or square on a raffle board.  A winning player is determined by drawing a ticket stub or number of a square on a raffle board from a receptacle or by an alternate fair method approved by the attorney general.  A calendar raffle is a raffle in which a player’s ticket stub is entered in two or more drawings held on predetermined days over an extended period of time for predetermined prizes.


  • There is no minimum age for raffles unless the organization sets a minimum age based on the type of prize to be awarded.


This office’s standard recordkeeping forms are not required for raffles.  If an organization designs its own forms, refer to the raffle chapter in the administrative rules and the forms below for guidance.




General Raffle Forms




Raffle Board


For a raffle board, the numbered squares on the board must be sold for the same price at a site on the day of the drawing.  An organization shall complete on the board the cost per square, prizes, and date of the raffle and ensure a raffle board includes a state gaming stamp affixed by a distributor.  For each square sold, an employee shall legibly write the player’s full name in the square purchased by the player.  Duplicate numbers corresponding to the numbered squares on a board must be placed into a receptacle for drawing.  The conduct of a raffle is the drawing or alternate fair method of selection approved by the attorney general.




Fifty-Fifty Raffle Systems


A fifty-fifty raffle system is the computer hardware, software, and related equipment used to sell fifty-fifty raffle tickets and account for sales.



Other general forms for the conduct of Raffle and Fifty-Fifty Raffle Systems activity are: Record of Win, I.O.U., Ideal Cash Bank Master Record, Cumulative Ideal Cash Bank Record, Reconciliation of Ideal Cash Banks, Reconciliation of Inventories, Master Game Inventory Log, Master Inventory Log-Ticket Rolls, Site Inventory Log, Site Inventory Log-Ticket Rolls, Prize Register, and Cash Reserve Bank-Daily Report.  These additional forms can be found under General Forms.




Raffle Tickets


All raffle tickets, with the exception of double admission tickets, must contain:


  1. Name of organization
  2. Ticket number
  3. Price of the ticket;
  4. Prizes;
  5. Licensing authority (Attorney General’s office or local city or county) and license number
  6. Statement that the person is or is not required to be present to win;
  7. Date and time of the drawing
  8. Location and street address of the drawing; and
  9. A statement that the ticket is not a charitable donation.


If applicable, the ticket must also disclose whether sales are restricted to persons of a minimum age, whether prizes require a title transfer, and whether the winning player is or is not liable for sales or use tax on the prize.



Private Fundraising Raffles


For private raffles to raise funds for a specific benevolent purpose (such as helping to pay medical bills for a neighbor’s sick child), contact the local city or county where the raffle drawing will take place to apply for a local permit.

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