Consumer Complaints

Filing a Consumer Complaint


If you are a North Dakota resident – or you live in another state and your dispute involves a transaction with a North Dakota business – you can file a complaint with the Consumer Protection Division.


NOTE – The Office of Attorney General, including the Consumer Protection Division, does not process, take action in response to, or keep, anonymous complaints.


  • Please refer to “I Want to File a Complaint” for information on the types of complaints we handle.
  • If you have a general inquiry rather than a complaint, you can e-mail us at


After screening the complaint we may refer you to a different agency. If the complaint falls within our authority, we will try to mediate a resolution. Most businesses are willing to work with us. If we are not able to mediate a resolution of the complaint, we may refer you to a private attorney for further assistance.


  • The Office of Attorney General does not have jurisdiction over any other government agency or the local law enforcement agencies, and we cannot address complaints about those entities or their employees.






If you prefer, you can print the form and mail it in. Download the complaint form (pdf).

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