Victim Responsibilities

Although a victim has many rights under Marsy’s Law, the victim also has certain responsibilities. A victim is responsible for:

  1. Affirmatively asserting your Marsy’s Law rights.
    • To the responding law enforcement officer at the time of the initial response, OR
    • At any time thereafter, by contacting the appropriate prosecuting attorney’s office.
  2. Providing contact information.
    • You must provide accurate contact information to the prosecuting attorney’s office and notify the prosecuting attorney’s office of any changes to that contact information. You may also be required to provide up-to-date contact information to other agencies, such as the ND Department of Corrections & Rehabilitation.
  3. Registering to receive automated notifications.
    • Many of the notifications a victim is entitled to receive are available by registering with ND SAVIN. Registration is free and the notifications are confidential. You can register to receive notifications by telephone, text message, email, or a combination.

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