Restoration of Firearm Rights

An individual who has been convicted of a non-violent felony offense or a misdemeanor offense may be eligible to petition the court for restoration of firearm privileges. This office does not have jurisdiction over these issues, or over federal prohibitors to restoration. We cannot verify whether an individual is eligible to have firearm rights restored, or provide eligibility status information in response to inquiries.

The Office of Attorney General and the BCI cannot provide assistance regarding restoration of firearm rights. Please contact an attorney in private practice or review the “self help” information from the ND Supreme Court.


See also: Expungement.


Purchasing or Possessing a Firearm


Federal laws regulate the sale and purchase of firearms, and eligibility to possess or own a firearm. The Office of Attorney General and the BCI cannot answer questions about sales, delivery, purchase of firearms, or an individual’s eligibility to own, possess or sell a firearm, or whether an individual’s firearms rights have been restored. Contact an attorney in private practice.


Weapons Laws


You can review North Dakota’s Weapons Laws in Title 62.1 of the North Dakota Century Code.

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