Class 2 License Upgrade

The only difference between a Class 1 license and a Class 2 license is – Reciprocity.


Both licenses are equally valid within North Dakota, but because of the additional testing requirements, the holders of a Class 1 license have reciprocity in many more states than those who hold a Class 2 license.

Upgrading from a Class 2 to a Class 1 License


An individual who has a valid Class 2 license may apply to upgrade to a Class 1 license within five years from the date the Class 2 license was issued, by completing the additional testing requirements of a Class 1 license and submitting an application form along with the $60 application fee and required documents.


  • Fingerprints and photographs are not required to be submitted with an application for an upgraded license, but a copy of the state driver’s license and (if not from ND) a copy of a home state concealed weapon license or military PCS orders must be submitted.
  • An expired license cannot be upgraded.


The upgraded license is valid for five years from the date it is issued.



Converting a Class 1 license to a Class 2


An individual who has a valid Class 1 license may convert the license to a Class 2 by returning the Class 1 license to the BCI along with a written request to convert it to a Class 2.

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