Sports Pools

A Sports Pool is comprised of wagers paid by players for a line or square that will determine which player wins.


  • The maximum cost per line or square is $25. Only cash prizes can be awarded.
  • An individual must be at least age 21 to play sports pools.


Sports pool activity is conducted when chances on the board are sold and the prize is awarded. If the state gaming stamp is affixed, sports pool activity must be conducted at a licensed site.


This office’s standard recordkeeping forms are not required for sports pool activity.  If an organization designs its own forms, refer to the sports pool chapter in the administrative rules and the form below for guidance.



Other general forms  are: Master Game Inventory Log, Site Game Inventory Log, Record of Win, and Reconciliation of Inventories.  These additional forms can be found under General Forms.



Office Sports Pools


  • By law, in North Dakota, gambling may only be conducted by licensed charitable gaming organizations. If you have questions about a proposal for an office sports pool or similar activity, you may wish to contact your local city attorney or county states attorney.

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