Fireworks Sales

Only a licensed wholesaler or retailer may import fireworks into the state.



Fireworks Wholesalers


Any person who sells fireworks at wholesale must be licensed by the Insurance Department.


  • Complete and submit the Application for Wholesale Fireworks License
    • The fee is $250.


The annual license expires on December 31, regardless of issue date.



Retail Sales of Fireworks


Retailers may purchase fireworks only from a licensed wholesaler. Retailers must be licensed by the county sheriff.


  • The county sheriff may require a retailer to complete a local application form specific to that jurisdiction or may elect to have the retailer complete SFN62189-Application for Local Retail Fireworks License. Check with the county sheriff in each jurisdiction where you will be engaged in retail sales of fireworks.


Fireworks can be sold only between June 27 and July 5, and December 26 through January 1. A purchaser must be at least 12 years old.



Review the Laws


The applicable laws are contained within N.D.C.C. Chapters 23-15 and 23-15.1.

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