Do Not Call

Get rid of most telemarketing calls by registering your (701) area code phone number on the free Do Not Call list. One registration adds your number to both the North Dakota and the national list.


  • The law applies only to personal phones, not those used for business purposes.



How to Register


  • Call toll-free (888) 382-1222, using the phone you wish to register.



After You Register


  • Your number stays on the Do Not Call list until you remove it.
  • Telemarketers have 30 days to delete the registered number from their lists.



Still getting unwanted calls?


Under federal law, some calls are permitted even if you are on the Do Not Call list. These include surveys, calls from charities, political groups or political candidates, and calls from places you have done business with in the past two years or for which you have previously given consent.


  • If you do not want these calls, ask to be removed from the call list.



Illegal Calls


Some calls are always illegal. Even if you are not on the Do Not Call list, telemarketers cannot:


  1. Call before 8:00 AM or after 9:00 PM local time;
  2. Block your caller ID;
  3. Use robocalls, unless a live operator comes on the line first to get your permission;
  4. Use autodialers, unless it disconnects within 10 seconds of you hanging up;
  5. Use paid professional fundraisers.


Filing a Do Not Call Complaint


If it has been more than 31 days since you registered your telephone number OR you received an illegal call, you can file a Do Not Call Complaint with the Consumer Protection Division.


  • You will need to know the name or phone number of the business that called.


Need help?


Contact the Consumer Protection division at (701) 328-3404.

Office of Attorney General
General Inquiries
(701) 328-2210


(701) 328-3404
1-800-472-2600 within ND only

Tip Line

1-800-472-2185 within ND only

Concealed Weapon
Licensing Unit

(701) 328-5523

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