ND SAVIN Service Provider Information

The North Dakota Statewide Automated Victim Information and Notification (ND SAVIN) Program provides crime victims and other concerned citizens free, prompt, and confidential notification and status information.


ND SAVIN uses Appriss’s Victim Information and Notification Every Day (VINE) system to make a wide range of notifications regarding: offender incarceration; parole and probation; criminal court cases and protection and restraining orders.


For many North Dakota jails, victims of the booking offense are automatically signed up to receive incarceration notifications, including notification of release, provided the victim contact information is given to those correctional facilities.


  • To make changes to current registrations for notification or to sign up for notifications, call 1-866-631-8463 and then press 1-1-0 to speak to a live operator or visit VINELink – North Dakota – Search (vineapps.com).
  • Notifications are available through phone, email, and text message. Telephone notifications will continue for up to 48 hours until confirmed. Recipients confirm notification calls by pressing “9.”
  • Victims who believe they may be in danger upon an offender’s release are advised to contact the custodial facility to ensure notification. Additional victim resources can be accessed by dialing 2-1-1.





Online training is available at SAVIN Training. To request in-person training on ND SAVIN/VINE, please call (701) 328-4470 or (877) 328-4470, or visit https://www.nd.gov/itd/onlineincident/createincident.aspx.





To report an issue or submit a ticket, please contact the Appriss Operations Center by emailing vinesupport@appriss.com or calling 1-866-APPRISS (1-866-277-7477).




Outreach Materials


Outreach materials are available to share information with victims and the public. To request hard copies, please contact ND CJIS at (701) 328-1110.


Office of Attorney General
General Inquiries
(701) 328-2210


(701) 328-3404
1-800-472-2600 within ND only

Tip Line

1-800-472-2185 within ND only

Concealed Weapon
Licensing Unit

(701) 328-5523

National Human Trafficking
Resource Center