P1-LERMS Law Enforcement Records System

P1 LERMS – Law Enforcement Records Management System


ND CJIS can provide a web-based record management system called PremierOne (P1 LERMS) to North Dakota law enforcement agencies and jails for no cost.  P1 LERMS includes:


  • Case Management and NIBRS Reporting
  • Operations Management, including Calls for Service, Citations, Warrants, etc.
  • Administrative Management
  • Jail Management
  • Interfaces with State Radio Calls for Service, TraCs Citations and Warnings, LiveScan and VINE



Agency Access


Access to P1 LERMS is available only to North Dakota Law Enforcement agencies. An agency must complete an Agency Security Agreement before employees from that agency may apply for access.




User Application


To apply for access to P1 LERMS, each employee from the agency with a signed Agency Security Agreement must complete the online user application, available on the Criminal  Justice Application page.






Sixteen hours of POST Board Certification Credits are available for P1 LERMS training. To enroll or review our training classes, please log into P1-LERMS Training.




Agencies can request feature or function enhancements within P1 LERMS by filing out the P1 LERMS Change Request and submitting it to the online​ ITD Support (see below).






To open a ticket for issues related to the P1 LERMS, please call (701) 328-4470 or (877) 328-4470 or online at https://www.nd.gov/itd/onlineincident/createincident.aspx.

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