Any person who intends to engage in the retail sales of tobacco products in the state of North Dakota, or manufacture and import tobacco products into this state, or distribute tobacco products to retailers must be licensed by the Office of Attorney General.


Looking for Tobacco Product Manufacturer Certification or Distributor Quarterly Reporting?



Apply for a License


The same application form is used for all new and renewal tobacco license applications. A dealer or retail application must be accompanied by a fee of $15. A distributor, manufacturer or wholesaler application must be accompanied by a fee of $25 and a $1,000 surety bond (with a new application only).  Licenses expire on June 30 each year and must be renewed prior to expiration, or an additional reinstatement fee will be required. All business entities must be registered with the ND Secretary of State as a condition of licensure.




Fire Safety Standards for Cigarettes


Before a manufacturer may sell a cigarette brand in North Dakota, the brand must be certified by the State Fire Marshal in accordance with N.D.C.C. Chapter 18-13.



Review the list of certified Cigarettes by Manufacturer.



Cigarette Making Machines


No person may maintain or operate a cigarette-making machine unless the machine has been registered with the Attorney General. Complete the registration form and affidavit and submit both documents, along with additional documents as required.




Review the Laws


The laws relating to tobacco products are contained in N.D.C.C. Chapter 57-36.



New Federal T-21 Laws


The federal government passed tobacco related laws (“T21”), through the Food & Drug Administration. To ensure compliance with federal requirements, please consult an attorney in private practice. The Office of Attorney General cannot provide legal advice or assistance.

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