General Forms

The following forms are used for more than one game type:




Surveillance (Paddlewheel, Twenty-One)


  • Approved Vendors of Video Surveillance Equipment
  • Evaluation of Video Surveillance Recording (SFN 19857) 
    • This form is used to evaluate a sample video recording submitted by an organization or by a vendor on behalf of an organization for approval of satisfactory video surveillance for a twenty-one table, paddlewheel, and paddlewheel table.  If an organization purchased its own equipment or procured equipment from an organization previously conducting at the site, the vendor may be identified as “Internal”.  A new site is defined as a site newly acquired by an organization, or a current site that has reached the level of twenty-one activity requiring video surveillance.
      • Gaming organizations must install video surveillance at sites with twenty-one gross proceeds averaging more than $10,000 or more per quarter for two entire consecutive quarters and wagers exceeding $2.

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