Eligibility for a Concealed Weapon License

The minimum eligibility requirements are:


  1. A United States citizen or legal permanent resident alien; AND
  2. Legally able to possess a firearm/dangerous weapon; AND
  3. Age 18 for a Class 2 license, or age 21 for a Class 1 license; AND
  4. A resident of North Dakota; OR on full-time active military duty stationed in ND; OR a resident of a state that has reciprocity with ND and who possesses a valid concealed weapon license in their home state; AND
  5. Successfully complete the training requirements within the state of North Dakota, AND
  6. No disqualifying offenses. A criminal background check is conducted on every new and renewal applicant. If you have been convicted of any alcohol-related offense within the past three years, you are ineligible for a Class 1 license but may apply for a Class 2 license.
    • The BCI cannot determine whether you are eligible for a Class 1 license in advance of completing the application processing  procedures.



Difference between Class 1 and Class 2


The difference between a Class 1 license and a Class 2 license is – Reciprocity.

Both licenses are equally valid within North Dakota, but because of the additional testing requirements, the holders of a Class 1 license have reciprocity in more states than those who hold a Class 2 license.




All testing must be completed within the state of North Dakota. Testing requirements cannot be waived.  You cannot transfer an out of state license or the training for that license to North Dakota.


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