Asserting Your Rights

A crime victim must assert his or her rights. You can assert your rights to the law enforcement officer at the time of the initial response (when you received the Marsy’s card).


You can assert your rights at any time. If you did not assert your rights to the responding law enforcement officer who gave you a Marsy’s Card, you can assert your rights by creating an account on-line at, select the state of North Dakota and click “ASSERT YOUR VICTIM RIGHTS”. You can also notify the prosecuting attorney. The prosecuting attorney’s office is either the city attorney in the city where the crime occurred or the county state’s attorney in the county where the crime occurred. You will need to provide current contact information to the prosecuting attorney’s office and keep it up-to-date.


Receiving Notifications


You have the right to receive reasonable notice of, and to be present at, all court proceedings. You also have the right to receive notice of the defendant’s release (or escape). You must notify the prosecuting attorney that you wish to assert these rights.


To stay informed, you also may wish to register for free automated notifications.

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