Concealed Weapon Licenses

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) processes the applications and issues concealed weapon licenses. Find out if you are ELIGIBLE and how to apply for, or renew, a ND concealed weapon license and which states have RECIPROCITY.


Application Status Inquiries


The BCI is prohibited by law from providing information about the status of a concealed weapon license application to anyone, even the applicant. Instead, follow the instructions for making a written status inquiry. ​



Wearing Face Masks


There is no general prohibition against wearing a face mask for lawful purposes, such as to comply with public health requirements.



Expired License


An expired license is invalid and cannot be renewed. You will need to apply as a new applicant and complete all required testing. You cannot carry concealed with an expired license.



General Concealed Weapons Inquiries


Contact the Concealed Weapon License Section, toll free (within ND only) 1-855-562-4946. The concealed weapon section is available during regular business hours.


1-800-472-2600 within ND only

Tip Line

1-800-472-2185 within ND only

Concealed Weapons

1-855-562-4946 within ND only

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