ND Criminal Justice Application

The ND Criminal Justice Application allows authorized criminal justice professionals to apply for access to participating agency programs through a secure website. Participating agency programs include:

  • ND CJIS Portal
  • P1 LERMS
  • STARS JustWare​
  • VINEProtect​
  • VINEWatch​
  • 24/7
  • ARCS
  • NCIC
  • ND POST Board
Participating agency programs are able to process criminal justice applications for licensure/access, background checks, denials, deactivations, and revocations. The ND Criminal Justice Application system will also provide notifications of suspensions, revocations, deactivations, and denials to the participating programs.

Agency Access

An Agency Security Agreement is required for the following programs before an employee from that agency may apply for access:

  • ND CJIS Portal
  • P1 LERMS
  • STARS JustWare​
  • VINEProtect
  • VINEWatch​
  • NCIC

Application Process

To apply for access through ND Criminal Justice Application: 

If you are a new applicant or applying under a new agency, complete the fingerprint-based criminal history records check process.  If you are renewing your application under the same agency, new fingerprints are not needed. ​Fingerprints can be sent to BCI Criminal History by:​​

  • ​LiveScan:
    • Complete a new applicant file in ARCS and include the PCN where indicated. 
    • Please download, complete, and email a copy of the fingerprint submission memo to bcimap@nd.gov (no need to mail in prints); or
  • US Mail: 
    • Send 2 BLUE applicant fingerprint cards to
Law Enforcement Record Checks
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
PO Box 1054
Bismarck ND 58502-1054

Download, complete, and include fingerprint submission memo with fingerprint card.

Then complete the online ND Criminal Justice Application (one per individual applicant), as outlined in the ND Criminal Justice Application User Guide.

After submission, the Agency Administrator must approve the application, as outlined in the Agency Administrator Guide. The application process can take up to two weeks from the time application approval and fingerprints are received by BCI Criminal History. Agency administrators will be notified by email with application results.


To open a ticket for issues related to the ND Criminal Justice Application, please call (701) 328-4470 or (877) 328-4470 or visit https://www.nd.gov/itd/onlineincident/createincident.aspx.