P1-LERMS Law Enforcement Records System

The CJIS PremierOne (P1) LERMS is a web-based application that is available without cost to North Dakota law enforcement agencies and jails. P1-LERMS includes:

  • Case Management and NIBRS Reporting
  • Operations Management, including Calls for Service, Citations, Warrants, etc.
  • Administrative Management
  • Jail Management
  • Interfaces with TraCS Citations, LiveScan, and VINE

New Agency Implementation Process

Agencies interested in participating in ND CJIS P1-LERMS must review and sign the Agency Agreement. After receipt of an Agency Agreement, ND CJIS will reach out to coordinate an implementation plan and schedule. Before training, each employee who will need access to the system must fill out the online ND Criminal Justice Application, as outlined in the ND Criminal Justice Application User Guide.

The Agency Administrator must approve applications, as outlined in the Agency Administrator Guide. After Agency Administrator approval, application processing may take approximately two weeks. Agency administrators will be notified once applications are processed.

Resources for Agencies on ND CJIS P1-LERMS

Agencies on ND CJIS P1-LERMS can:

ND CJIS LERMS Training and Refresher Training


Twelve hours of POST Board Certification Credits are available for ND CJIS P1-LERMS training. For officers who have not attended a UCR Training in the past two years, an additional 4 hours of POST Board Certification Credits are available for UCR Training.

To enroll or review your training classes, please log in to P1-LERMS Training system.