ND VINEWatch and VINEProtect

VINEWatch and VINEProtect are administrative tools for the ND SAVIN program. These tools allow authorized users to search information and set up notifications through secure websites. Information available on ND VINEWatch and VINEProtect for reference in connection with criminal justice purposes includes:

  • Adult offender booking records,
  • Adult court case information,
  • Juvenile offender booking records,
  • Juvenile court case information,
  • Restraining order information,
  • Protection order information,
  • Victim Contact Information.

Agency Access

Access to the ND VINE programs is available only to authorized users working for an authorized criminal justice agency, or an agency approved by the ND Office of Attorney General. An agency must complete an Agency Agreement before employees from that agency may apply for access.

Application Process

To apply for access to ND VINEWatch and/or VINEProtect, employees from an authorized agency must:

  1. Complete the online ND Criminal Justice Application (one per individual applicant), as outlined in the ND Criminal Justice Application User Guide.
  2. Complete the fingerprint-based criminal history records check process.
    Fingerprints can be sent to BCI Criminal History by:
    1. LiveScan​
      • Please include PCN number on the ARCS application submission
    2. US Mail
      • Please send 2 BLUE applicant fingerprint cards to:
            Attn: Law Enforcement Record Checks
            North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation
            PO Box 1054
            Bismarck ND 58502-1054
      • Download, fill out, and include fingerprint memo with fingerprint cards

Your fingerprints will be used to check the criminal history records of the FBI. You have the opportunity to review or challenge the accuracy of the information contained in the FBI identification record. The procedure for obtaining a change, correction, or updating an FBI identification record are set forth in Title 28 CFR 16.34.

After submission, the Agency Administrator must approve the application, as outlined in the Agency Administrator Guide. ND CJIS will function as the Agency Administrator for non-Criminal Justice agencies. The application process can take up to two weeks from the time application approval and fingerprints are received by BCI Criminal History. Agency administrators will be notified by email with application results.

Training and Support

To request training or open a ticket for issues related to the ND VINE programs, please call (701) 328-4470 or (877) 328-4470 or visit https://www.nd.gov/itd/onlineincident/createincident.aspx.