Take Back Program Locations

Following is a list of the drop off sites for old or unwanted medications. Take Back (TB) sites are located at local law enforcement agencies and, unless otherwise noted, are open 24 hours a day. The MedSafe (MS) sites are at participating pharmacies. For hours of operation, please contact the pharmacy directly.  

The Take Back program accepts both prescription and over the counter medications. The MedSafe program does not accept over the counter medications. 


County Program Type Location of Site Street Address 
Adams TB Adams County Sheriff’s Office 604 Adams Avenue, Hettinger
  MS Thrifty White  112 South Main, Hettinger
Barnes TB Barnes County Sheriff’s Office 575 10th Street SW #4, Valley City
  TB Valley City Police Department 216 2nd Avenue NE, Valley City
  MS Thrifty White  239 2nd Avenue NW, Valley City
  MS NuCara Pharmacy 234 Central Avenue N, Valley City
  MS Central Avenue Health Mart Pharmacy 323 Central Avenue N #101, Valley City
Benson TB Benson County Sheriff’s Office 311 B Avenue. South, Minnewauken
  MS Thrifty White  108 Central Avenue, Maddock
  MS Spirit Lake Health Center Pharmacy 3883 74th Avenue NE, Fort Totten
Billings TB Billings County Sheriff's Office 495 4th Street, Medora
Bottineau TB Bottineau County Sheriff’s Office 314 5th Street West, Bottineau
  MS Bottineau Clinic 314 Ohmer Street, Bottineau
  MS Bottineau Pharmacy 505 Main Street, Bottineau
Bowman TB Bowman County Sheriff’s Office 104 1st Street NW #9, Bowman
  MS Bowman Drug Company 12 North Main, Bowman
Burke TB Powers Lake Police Department 218 Main Street, Powers Lake
Burleigh TB Bismarck Police Department 700 South 9th Street, Bismarck
  MS Sanford Health 300 North 7th Street, Bismarck
  MS Gateway Pharmacy Sunrise 3103 Yorktown Drive Suite 2, Bismarck
  MS St. Alexius-Bismarck 900 E. Broadway Avenue, Bismarck
  MS Thrifty White  117 North 5th, Bismarck
  MS Thrifty White  1929 North Washington, Bismarck
  MS Gateway Pharmacy South 835 South Washington #2, Bismarck
  MS Gateway Pharmacy North 3101 North 11th Street, Bismarck
  MS Professional Pharmacy 3124 Colorado Lane, Bismarck
  MS Thrifty White 1140 E. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck
  MS Valleyview Pharmacy 2425 Hillview Avenue, Bismarck
  MS Mayo Pharmacy 303 North 4th Street, Bismarck
  MS Horizon Pharmacy 4535 Northern Sky Drive #3, Bismarck
  MS Heritage Pharmacy Gateway Mall 2700 State Suite #F13, Bismarck
  MS Churchill Pharmacy 1190 West Turnpike Avenue #2, Bismarck
  MS Thrifty White Pharmacy 900 NE 43rd Avenue, Bismarck
Cass TB Cass County Sheriff’s Office Courthouse, 211 9th Street S, Fargo (M-F, 8-5)
  TB Cass County Law Enforcement Center 1612 23rd Avenue North, Fargo (M-F 8-5)
  TB Fargo Police Department 105 25th Street North, Fargo
  TB West Fargo Police Department 800 4th Avenue E #2, West Fargo
  MS Medical Pharmacy South 4151 45th Street South, Fargo
  MS Dakota Clinic 1702 South University Drive, Fargo
  MS Inhealth Specialty 2345 25th Street South, Fargo
  MS Thrifty Drug Southgate 1532 32nd Avenue, Fargo
  MS Dakota Clinic on 32nd 3000 32nd Avenue South, Fargo
  MS Family Healthcare Pharmacy 301 NP Avenue, Fargo
  MS Sanford Pharmacy Broadway 737 Broadway, Fargo
  MS Sanford Pharmacy South University 1720 South University, Fargo
  MS Southpointe Pharmacy 2400 32nd Avenue South, Fargo
  MS Thrifty White  1401 33rd Street SW, Fargo
  MS Thrifty White 1100 13th Avenue East, West Fargo
  MS Community Medical Services 901 28th Street South, Fargo  (M-F, 6-11 AM)
  MS Seip Prescription Shoppe  5675 26th Avenue South #136A, Fargo
  MS The Medicine Shoppe 1605 South University Drive, Fargo
  MS The Medicine Shoppe 2800 North Broadway, Fargo
  MS Sanford Pharmacy Broadway RMCC 737 Broadway, Fargo
  MS Sanford Pharmacy Med Center 5225 23rd Avenue South, Fargo
  MS Family Healthcare Pharmacy NDSU 4025 9th Avenue South, Fargo
  MS Prescription Center Pharmacy 2701 13th Avenue South, Fargo
  MS North Dakota State University 1707 Centennial Boulevard, Fargo
  MS The Medicine Shoppe  4476 31st Avenue South #105, Fargo
  MS Thrifty White Pharmacy 4255 30th Avennue South, Fargo
  MS Medical Pharmacy Sheyenne 2050 Sheyenne Street, West Fargo
  MS Northport Drug 2522 N. Broadway, Fargo
  MS LifeScript Pharmacy 5670 38th Avenue South Suite A, Fargo
Cavalier MS Langdon Drug 805 3rd Street, Langdon
Dickey MS Tara's Thrifty White 610 Main Avenue, Oakes
  MS Oakes Family Pharmacy 422 Main Avenue, Oakes
  MS Ellendale Pharmacy 117 Main Street, Ellendale
Divide TB Divide County Sheriff's Office 312 Main Street NE, Crosby
  MS Crosby Drug 30 Main Street North, Crosby
Dunn TB Dunn County Sheriff's Office 205 Owens Street, Manning
  MS Killdeer Pharmacy 220 4th Avenue SW, Suite B, Killdeer
  MS TAT Twin Buttes Telepharmacy 726 80th Avenue NW, Halliday
Eddy TB Eddy County Sheriff's Office 524 Central Avenue, New Rockford
  MS Central Pharmacy 4 8th Street North, New Rockford
Emmons TB Emmons County Sheriff’s Office 100 4th Street SW, Linton
  MS Thrifty White 121 North Broadway, Linton
Foster TB Foster County Sheriff’s Office 1000 5th Street N, Carrington
  MS Central Pharmacy 990 Main Street, Carrington
  MS Carrington Drug 415 Main Street, Carrington
Golden Valley TB Golden Valley County Sheriff’s Office 150 1st Avenue SE, Beach
  MS Beach Pharmacy 180 Central Avenue, Beach
Grand Forks TB Grand Forks Sheriff's Office 122 South 5th Street, Grand Forks
  MS Walls Medical Center 708 South Washington St, Grand Forks
  MS Walls Healthmart 4440 South Washington St
  MS Thrifty White #81 1395 South Columbia Road #C, Grand Forks
  MS Altru Retail Pharmacy 1200 South Columbia Road, Grand Forks
  MS UND Student Health Pharmacy 2891 2nd Ave N Stop 9038, Grand Forks
  MS Altru Family Medicine Center 1380 South Columbia Road, Grand Forks
  MS Inspire Pharmacy 360 Division Avenue, Grand Forks
  MS Thrifty White 2475 32nd Avenue South, Grand Forks
  MS Altru Family Medicine Residency Pharmacy 725 Hamline Street, Grand Forks
  MS Embracy Pharmacy 2424 32nd Avenue South Suite B, Grand Forks
  MS Budget Drug 2015 Library Circle #102, Grand Forks
Grant MS Economy Drug Store 201 North Main Street, Elgin
Griggs TB Griggs County Sheriff's Office 808 Rollin Avenue SW, Cooperstown
  MS Cooperstown Drug 901 Burrell Ave, Cooperstown
Hettinger TB Hettinger County Sheriff’s Office 336 Pacific Avenue, Mott
  MS New England Drug 713 East Main, New England
  MS Economy Drug Mott 216 Brown Avenue, Mott
LaMoure TB LaMoure County Sheriff's Office 202 4th Avenue NE, LaMoure
  MS LaMoure Drug Store 100 1st Avenue, LaMoure
  MS Edgeley Pharmacy LLC 509 Main Street, Edgeley
Logan MS Napoleon Drug 214 Main Avenue, Napoleon
McHenry TB McHenry County Sheriff's Office 407 S Main St #303, Towner
  MS Velva Drug 16 North Main Street, Velva
McIntosh TB McIntosh County Sheriff's Office 112 1st Street NE, Ashley
  MS Thrifty White 109 West Main Street, Ashley
  MS Wishek Drug 9 Centennial Street, Wishek
McKenzie TB McKenzie County Sheriff's Office 213 2nd Street NE, Watford City
  MS Larsen Service Drug 244 North Main Street, Watford City
  MS TAT Mandaree Telepharmacy 305 Main Street, Mandaree
McLean TB McLean County Sheriff’s Office 709 6th Avenue, Washburn
  TB Garrison Police Department 30 Central Avenue NW, Garrison
  MS TAT White Shield Telepharmacy 2 Central Main Street B, White Shield
  MS Chase Pharmacy, Inc. 21 North Main Street, Garrison
  MS Chase Drug Store 703 Main Avenue, Washburn
Mercer TB Mercer County Sheriff's Office 419 North Avenue, Stanton
  MS Beulah Drug 147 West Main Street, Beulah
  MS Hazen Drug 30 Main Street, Hazen
Morton TB Morton County Sheriff’s Office/
Mandan Police Department
205 1st Avenue NW, Mandan
  MS St. Alexius-Mandan 2500 Sunset Drive NW, Mandan
  MS Gateway Pharmacy Mandan 500 Burlington Street SE, Mandan
  MS Thrifty White 2600 Overlook Lane NW, Mandan
  MS The Medicine Shoppe 116 2nd Avenue NW, Mandan
  MS New Salem Pharmacy 509 Ash Avenue, New Salem
  MS Glen Ullin Pharmacy 113 South Main Street, Glen Ullin
Mountrail TB Mountrail County Sheriff’s office/
Stanley Police Department
101 North Main Street, Stanley
  MS Elbowoods Memorial Health Center 1058 College Drive, New Town
  MS Larsen Service Drug 334 Main Street, New Town
  MS Dakota Drug of Stanley 107 South Main, Stanley
  MS TAT Parshall Telepharmacy 107 3rd Street SE, Parshall
Nelson MS Lakota Drug 117 Main Street M, Lakota
Pembina TB Pembina County Sheriff’s Office 308 Courthouse Drive #2, Cavalier
  MS Drayton Drug 104 East Highway 66, Drayton
  MS Thrifty White 102 Division Avenue South, Cavalier
  MS Walhalla Prescription Shop 1102 Central Avenue, Walhalla
  MS Clinicare 301 Mountain Street E, Cavalier
Pierce TB Pierce County Sheriff’s Office/
Rugby Police Department
110 Industrial Road, Rugby
  MS Thrifty White 107 Second Street SE, Rugby
  MS Heart of America Clinic Pharmacy 800 South Main Avenue, Rugby
Ramsey TB Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office/
Devils Lake Police Department
222 Walnut Street West, Devils Lake
  MS Clinic Pharmacy 1001 7th Street NE, Devils Lake
  MS Ramsey Drug 401 College Drive, Devils Lake
  MS Thrifty White 425 College Drive South, Devils Lake
  MS TW Bell Drug 323 Fifth Street, Devils Lake
Ransom TB Ransom County Sheriff's Office
Lisbon Police Department
206 5th Avenue West, Lisbon
4 5th Avenue East, Lisbon
  MS Thrifty Drug 404 Main Street, Lisbon
  MS NuCara Pharmacy #34 407 Main Street, Lisbon
Renville TB Renville County Sheriff’s Office 205 E. Main Street, Mohall
Richland TB Richland County Sheriff’s Office/
Wahpeton Police Department
413 3rd Avenue North, Wahpeton
  MS Wahpeton Drug 508 Dakota Avenue, Wahpeton
  MS Corner Drug 619 Dakota Avenue, Wahpeton
  MS Thrifty White 387 11th Street, Wahpeton
  MS Hankinson Drug 323 South Main Street, Hankinson
Rolette MS Quentin N. Burdick Memorial Health Care Facility Pharmacy          1300 Hospital Loop, Belcourt 
  MS Thrifty White 208 Main Street, Rolette
  MS Rolla Drug Inc 117 Main Avenue E, Rolla
Sargent TB Sargent County Sheriff's Office 355 Main Street #6, Forman
Sioux MS Fort Yates Indian Hospital 1010 River Road, Fort Yates
Stark TB Stark County Sheriff’s Office/
Dickinson Police Department
66 W. Museum Drive, Dickinson
  MS ND Pharmacy West 1283 Roughrider Blvd, Dickinson
  MS Irsfeld Pharmacy 33 9th Street West, Dickinson
  MS Dickinson Clinic Pharmacy 2615 Fairway Street, Dickinson
  MS Medicine Shoppe 1571 W. Villard, Dickinson
  MS Thrifty White 2265 3rd Avenue West, Dickinson
  MS Thrifty White 506 W. Villard, Dickinson
  MS ND Pharmacy Inc 1761 3rd Avenue W #B, Dickinson
Stutsman TB Stutsman County Sheriff’s Office/ Jamestown Police Department 205 6th Street SE #101, Jamestown
  MS Thrifty White #15 320 10th Street SE, Jamestown
  MS Medicine Shoppe 703 1st Avenue S, Jamestown
  MS Thrifty White 310 First Avenue South, Stutsman
Traill TB Traill County Sheriff’s Office 118 West Caledonia Avenue, Hillsboro
  MS Sanford Med Center Mayville 42 6th Avenue SW, Mayville
  MS Hillsboro Drug 13 North Main Street, Hillsboro
Towner TB Towner County Sheriff's Office 315 2nd Street, Cando
  MS Neumann Drug Inc. 412 Main Street, Cando
Walsh TB Walsh County Sheriff’s Office/
Grafton Police Department
638 Cooper Avenue, Grafton
  MS Ye Olde Medicine Center 503 Park Street West, Park River
  MS Thrifty White 737 W. 12th Street, Grafton
  MS Grafton Drug 38 E. 12th Street, Grafton
Ward TB Minot Police Department 515 2nd Avenue SW, Minot
  MS Center for Family Medicine Pharmacy 1201 11th Avenue SW, Minot
  MS Thrifty White 1015 South Broadway, Minot
  MS Thrifty White 2211 16th Street NW, Minot
  MS Keycare Pharmacy 400 Burdick Expressway East, Minot
  MS Kenmare Drug 109 1st Avenue Northwest, Kenmare
Wells TB Wells County Sheriff’s Office 700 Railway Street N, Fessenden
  TB Harvey Police Department 120 8th Street W, Harvey
  MS Service Drug & Gift 815 Lincoln Avenue, Harvey
Williams TB Williston Police Department 223 E. Broadway, Williston
  MS Tioga Drug 106 Main Street, Tioga
  MS Thrifty White 300 11th Street West, Williston
  MS Trenton Community Clinic IHS Pharmacy, Trenton
  MS G&G Rx Inc. 1500 14th Street West #150, Williston
  MS Service Drug Pharmacy 317 Main Street, Williston