Electronic Pull Tabs

Licensed gaming organizations planning to conduct gaming with electronic pull tab devices are required first to complete training provided by the Gaming division.

  • Device Access Log (SFN 61497)
    • Used to record the access into an electronic pull tab device by any person.
  • Credit Redemption Register (SFN 61495)
    • Record the payment to a player when the electronic pull tab device malfunctions.
  • Interim Period Site Summary (SFN 61498)
    • Complete when the Interim Period Electronic Pull Tab Device Activity Report is generated from the system server, the system is non-operational, and currency is withdrawn from the device(s) at a site.
  • Game Summary Report (SFN 61494)
    • summarizes each electronic pull tab game using the information from the Electronic Pull Tabs Interim Period Site Summary forms and the system generated Monthly Interim Audit Report and Electronic Pull Tab Closed Game Summary Report.  
  • Employee Report (SFN 61496)
    • used by an organization employee who is working on site and redeeming credit ticket vouchers.

Other general forms for Electronic Pull Tab devices are: IOU, Ideal Cash Bank Master Record, Cumulative Ideal Cash Banks, Reconciliation of Ideal Cash Banks, Cash Reserve Bank – Daily Report.  These additional forms can be found under General Forms.