Bingo Forms

Bingo is  a game of chance in which players mark off randomly drawn numbers or letters on a card, with the winner being the first to cover a predetermined pattern of squares for that game and timely call out "Bingo." 

  • Bingo may be conducted by licensed charitable gaming organizations and local permit and charity local permit holders. 
  • The minimum age to play bingo is 18, unless the minor is accompanied by an adult, or the bingo is conducted under a local permit, or the prize structure does not exceed that allowed for a local permit. 

Recordkeeping Forms

The standard recordkeeping forms are provided for convenience.  An organization may design its own forms provided those forms comply with the requirements of Article 99-01.3 of the North Dakota Administrative Code.

Other general forms for the conduct of Bingo are: Record of Win, I.O.U., Ideal Cash Bank Master Record, Cumulative Ideal Cash Bank Record, Reconciliation of Ideal Cash Banks, Reconciliation of Inventories, Master Inventory Log-Ticket Rolls, Site Inventory Log-Ticket Rolls, Prize Register, and Cash Reserve Bank-Daily Report.  These additional forms can be found under General Forms.