Gaming Forms

An organization recognized as a public-spirited organization by the governing body of a city or county may apply for a local permit to conduct only raffles, bingo, sports pools to be conducted throughout the year, or may apply for a charity local permit to conduct a onetime gaming event where the organization may conduct only raffles, bingo, sports pools, paddlewheels, twenty-one and poker. The organization applies for a local permit or charity local permit with the City or County in which the conduct of the games will be occurring.  

  • An organization may not have both a local permit and a charity local permit at the same time. 
  • Under a local permit or charity local permit an organization may only award a primary prize that does not exceed $8,000 and total prizes of all games cannot exceed $40,000 per year.  The prize cost is determined by the retail price even if the prize is donated. 

If an organization’s prizes will exceed the primary prize limit of $8,000 and/or exceed the $40,000 maximum per year, the organization must apply for a State Gaming License. 

All recordkeeping forms for state licensed organizations can be found on this site.  If you have trouble downloading the forms, please use a browser other than Internet Explorer.