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Fire Code

The Fire Code of North Dakota is adopted through the North Dakota Administrative Code 10-07-01. The current version adopted is the International Fire Code (2018 Edition). The International Fire Code references codes and standards from other organizations including the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).

Delegation of Authority

The State Fire Marshal’s Office has a Delegation of Authority agreement with some local fire departments.  Questions regarding fire codes, installations, etc., should be directed to the following local fire authority:

Bismarck FD (701) 355-1400 Minot City FD (701) 857-4740
Devils Lake FD (701) 662-3913 Minot Rural FD (701) 838-6363
Dickinson FD (701) 456-7625 West Fargo FD (701) 433-5380
Fargo FD (701) 241-1540 Jamestown FD (701) 252-1441
Grand Forks FD (701) 746-2566 Williston FD (701) 572-2196
Mandan FD (701) 667-3288    






Applications for Approval of Plans

The following applications are provided for contractors and the general public to help in conforming to applicable Fire Code requirements. Submit the forms to the local fire authority having jurisdiction, or, if no local authority, to the State Fire Marshal’s office.

Fire Protection Systems

Find Fire Safety Inspection information

Above-ground Storage of Flammables/Combustibles/LPG


Protect adjoining property and waterways with impound diking around the tanks or by a second containment tank (double wall). The capacity must be sufficient to contain the capacity of the largest tank and the displacement from other tanks in the diked area. In case of a spill, contact:

  • The local fire department;
  • The ND Department of Emergency Services (Tier II) at (701) 328-9600
  • ND Department of Environmental Quality Petroleum Tank Release Compensation Fund at (701) 328-5150.
  • If a release may affect nearby navigable water, also contact the Region 8 EPA Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure division at (800) 227-8917

Underground Fuel Storage

For information on underground fuel storage, contact the North Dakota Department of Environmental Quality at (701)328-5150.


For information or assistance, contact the local fire authority having jurisdiction or the State Fire Marshal’s office at (701) 328-5555.