Fire Investigations

The State Fire Marshal assists local criminal justice agencies with investigations of the cause and origin of fires.  Pursuant to N.D.C.C. Section 44-04-30(1), information about a fire investigation is confidential until the final report is issued. As the information is confidential, the Office of Attorney General and the State Fire Marshal's division cannot comment on a pending fire investigation.

Certificate of Existence

The State Fire Marshal’s Certificate of Existence program is statutorily required under N.D.C.C Chapter 18-04.  The program collects information from fire departments for statistical analysis, legislative reporting, distribution of insurance tax, and other uses. The report is required to be completed by each department’s fire chief between August 1 and October 30 each year. 

Report of Fire Loss

Insurance companies and fire departments are required to report fire loss, and should do so by submitting a Report of Fire Loss form.

Fire Departments are required to report fire loss to the State Fire Marshal's office by entering the information into the National Fire Incident Reporting System (NFIRS). In addition, any firefighter or civilian injury or fatality related to fire must be reported to the State Fire Marshal. 

Deputy Fire Marshal Districts

To assist fire officials in contacting the appropriate deputy fire marshal, we have prepared the following map:

Local Fire Departments

Monthly Fire Reports

In October 2019, the State Fire Marshal launched a new monthly statistical Fire Report, compiled from the information entered into NFIRS. The last twelve months of reports are available, as is the annual report for the preceding year.  

Annual Report

Monthly Reports