Testing Requirements and Fees

Required Testing

All first-time applicants must pass a written (open book) test based on the Concealed Weapon License Manual. The fees charged by the Test Administrator include a copy of the Manual for you to keep. 

In addition, applicants for a Class 1 license must (1) complete classroom instruction, (2) demonstrate familiarity with the weapon, and (3) successfully complete a firearms proficiency (shooting) test.

  • Licensed active duty North Dakota Peace Officers are exempt from testing.
  • The testing requirements cannot be waived for any other applicant, for any reason.  

All testing must take place within the state of North Dakota and cannot be held in conjunction with testing for any other state. The application must be submitted to the BCI within 30 days of the testing date.

  • If you are renewing a Class 1 license or upgrading from a Class 2 license, you must complete the same testing as for the initial Class 1 license.
  • No additional testing is required if you are renewing a current Class 2 license or downgrading from a Class 1 to a Class 2 license.
  • We cannot accept any other state's training in place of the required ND training. 

Find a Concealed Weapons Test Administrator

Most local law enforcement agencies conduct testing. If your local law enforcement agency does not provide testing, contact a civilian test administrator to schedule training.

List of Test Administrators

  • The test administrator may charge up to $50 (plus range fees, if applicable). This fee includes a complete copy of the current Concealed Weapon License Manual for you to keep.

If you require modification to accommodate a disability, contact the test administrator. The test administrator will coordinate with the BCI to identify the necessary documentation of a need for modification and, if approved, the necessary modifications.  Approval for requested modifications is on a case-by-case basis.