Online Application Process

  • You will need a printer.

The same application is used for new and renewal applications, and for both Class 1 and Class 2 licenses.

  • Once you have completed the application, you will need to submit it AND print a copy to mail in. 
    • Take the printed application with you to the testing. The test administrator must sign and date the testing section on the completed application.
      • Check with the test administrator before completing the application - many test administrators provide a computer and printer at the training site.  
    • If you are renewing a Class 2 license or downgrading from a Class 1 to a Class 2, no additional testing is required.   
    • The same application is used for resident and non-resident applications. Nonresidents: all testing must be completed within North Dakota.
    • The application fee is the same for new applications and renewals: $60. 


The BCI conducts a criminal history record check on every applicant, even for renewal. If you do not disclose an offense, the non-disclosure may disqualify you from receiving a license. 

Review Testing Requirements and Fees

If you are unable to complete the application online, you may wish to print a blank application to complete and submit to the BCI. Before doing so, please be aware that it takes the BCI longer to process these handwritten applications, which may result in a delay issuing your license. Therefore, we encourage you to complete the Online Application (above) if at all possible.

Download a blank Application.