General Information

NOTE: April 17, 2020 - Temporary Requirements during Covid-19

Stun Guns and Defense Sprays

Stun guns and defense sprays (such as pepper spray) are exempt from the definition of “dangerous weapons" and therefore you do not need a concealed weapon license to carry those items concealed (e.g., in a purse or bag, under clothing, under the vehicle seat or in the vehicle’s glove box) within North Dakota.


A Taser that only delivers a single application of voltage is not considered a dangerous weapon and may be carried without a concealed weapon license.  However, if the Taser is capable of delivering multiple applications of voltage, you must have a concealed weapon license.

Restoring Firearm Privileges

An individual who has been convicted of a non-violent felony offense or a misdemeanor offense may be eligible to petition the court for restoration of firearm privileges. This office does not have jurisdiction over these issues. For more information or assistance, contact an attorney in private practice.

Purchasing or Possessing a Firearm

Federal laws regulate the sale and purchase of firearms, and eligibility to possess or own a firearm. The Office of Attorney General and the BCI cannot answer questions about sales, delivery, purchase of firearms or an individual's eligibility to own, possess or sell a firearm. Contact an attorney in private practice.


Contact a local law enforcement agency or concealed weapon license test administrator to inquire about fingerprinting services. 

License Application Fee

For both new and renewal applications the fee is $60, by cashier's check or money order only (no cash, credit cards or personal checks). Make the cashier's check or money order payable to "Office of Attorney General."