General Information

NOTE: April 17, 2020 - Temporary Requirements during Covid-19

Stun Guns and Defense Sprays

Stun guns and defense sprays (such as pepper spray) are exempt from the definition of “dangerous weapons" and therefore you do not need a concealed weapon license to carry those items concealed (e.g., in a purse or bag, under clothing, under the vehicle seat or in the vehicle’s glove box) within North Dakota.


A Taser that only delivers a single application of voltage is not considered a dangerous weapon and may be carried without a concealed weapon license.  However, if the Taser is capable of delivering multiple applications of voltage, you must have a concealed weapon license.


Contact a local law enforcement agency or concealed weapon license test administrator to inquire about fingerprinting services. 

License Application Fee

For both new and renewal applications the fee is $60, by cashier's check or money order only (no cash, credit cards or personal checks). Make the cashier's check or money order payable to "Office of Attorney General."