Concealed Weapon Licenses

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) processes the applications and issues concealed weapon licenses.

Find out if you are ELIGIBLE and how to apply for, or RENEW, a ND concealed weapon license and which states have RECIPROCITY.

Applicant Inquiries

Please do not call with inquiries - the BCI is prohibited by law from providing information about the status of a concealed weapon license application to anyone, even the applicant. Instead, please follow the instructions for making a written status inquiry

Constitutional Concealed Carry 

The Governor signed the bill authorizing constitutional concealed carry in ND. The new law does not take effect until August 1, 2017. Be aware that even when the new constitutional concealed carry law takes effect, it is only applicable within the state’s borders and only for ND residents who have a valid driver's license and are not otherwise prohibited from possessing or carrying a weapon. It still will be necessary to have a concealed weapon license to carry concealed in states that have reciprocity with ND, including Minnesota, South Dakota and Montana. Reciprocity applies only if you possess a valid concealed weapon license. 

Weapons Laws

You can review North Dakota's Weapons Laws in Title 62.1 of the North Dakota Century Code

Concealed Weapon License Statistics

As of December 31, 2016:

There are 48,700 active ND licenses, of which

  • 10,439 are Class 1 and
  • 38,261 are Class 2.

The BCI issued 12,246 concealed weapon licenses in 2016. 

Restoration of Firearm Rights

The Office of Attorney General and the BCI cannot provide assistance regarding restoration of firearm rights. Please contact an attorney in private practice.  See also: Expungement