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January 20, 2017

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BISMARCK, ND - Crime victims, law enforcement and prosecutors now have a central location with information about the recently passed Marsy’s Law, announced Attorney General Stenehjem. The information is posted on the Attorney General’s website,

“I felt it was important to have a single resource for victims and criminal justice agencies with information about all the new rights and responsibilities under Marsy’s law. The website provides comprehensive information for victims and separate guidelines for law enforcement and prosecutors,” said Stenehjem.

Under Marsy’s Law, law enforcement officers are required to provide a Marsy’s Card to the victim at the time of the initial response. The Attorney General’s office has created a uniform state “Marsy’s Card” for use by law enforcement agencies, so that all victims receive the same information.

The law provides victims with certain rights, including the right to protect their contact information from being released, but a victim first has to assert these rights. Information for victims is on the “Public Safety” tab of the Attorney General’s website. It includes an explanation of the rights (the “Marsy’s Card”) and instructions on how and where to assert the victim’s rights. There is also a link to help victims sign up to receive certain types of notifications electronically.

The law also imposes new obligations on criminal justice agencies, and the Attorney General’s office worked with the State’s Attorney’s Association and victim advocates, to compile standard guidelines for law enforcement agencies, local prosecutors and correctional facilities.

“These guidelines provide uniform procedures for executing the various different requirements, ensuring a consistent approach statewide,” said Stenehjem.

The Guidelines and the official state Marsy’s Card are on the “Criminal Justice Resources” tab of the Attorney General’s website.

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