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May 17, 2018

Request: Did the Beulah School Board violate the open meetings law by failing to properly post notice of a committee meeting?

Conclusion:  The Beulah School Board has a standing Personnel, Evaluation & Policy Committee, which does not publish a schedule of annual meetings but meets as needed. Therefore, all meetings of the Committee are considered special meetings that must comply with the laws governing special meetings. The Committee met on February 13, 2018. The School Board generally holds meeting in the Board room, but the Committee meeting was held in the high school staff room. The Committee posted the meeting notice and agenda at the school and outside the Board room where School Board meetings usually take place. However, the committee failed to post the meeting notice outside the room where the meeting took place, failed to post it on the school’s website or to file it with the county auditor, and failed to provide it to the official newspaper. For special meetings, only the specific topics included in the notice may be discussed. The Committee’s meeting notice listed “additions to the agenda,” which is not appropriate for a special meeting agenda. The notice and agenda of the Committee’s February 13, 2018, meeting failed to comply with the open meeting requirements for special meetings.

Opinion 2018-O-07

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