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February 21, 2017

Media Contact: Liz Brocker (701) 328-2213

BISMARCK, ND – Deanna Perry of Nisland, SD, doing business as Protective Coatings, has been banned from doing business in this state after violating the state’s transient merchant and consumer fraud laws, announced Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

Protective Coatings is an asphalt paving company. The Consumer Protection division initiated an investigation in July 2016, after receiving a complaint from a homeowner that the asphalt work to fill cracks and seal the driveway had already failed and damaged the driveway. Investigators determined Perry was not licensed to do business in North Dakota, and also had failed to provide the homeowner with the required cancellation notices.

“Traveling asphalt paving companies are notorious, for good reason. As this homeowner discovered, these unlicensed and unskilled crews do shoddy work, create a bigger problem than they were hired to fix, and skip town before they can be held accountable,” said Stenehjem.

Despite repeated attempts over many months, Perry has not responded to letters from investigators or to the formal investigative demand. Perry also has ignored investigator’s attempts to secure a refund for the homeowner.

Parrell Grossman, director of the Consumer Protection division, reminded North Dakota residents that the state’s licensing requirements are there to help protect consumers from fly-by-night operators.

“Before you say yes, ask to see the state license. It’s a simple question, but if the company and its employees are not properly licensed, that should raise a very big flag. Don’t do business with unlicensed companies, even if the price seems right,” said Grossman.

A company operating outside its regular place of business must have a transient merchant license for each individual employee. The current list of Transient Merchant licenses is available on the Licensing page of the Attorney General’s website, In addition, any contractor accepting a job valued at $4,000 or more must have a state Contractor’s license issued by the Secretary of State’s office. The list of currently licensed contractors is available online at

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