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September 23, 2021

Request:  Did the Mandan Public School Board violate the open meetings law by failing to post notice of a special meeting on its website?

Conclusion: The Mandan Public School Board generally posts meeting notices on its website. Late in the afternoon of June 7, 2021, the Board provided notice of a June 8, 2021, special meeting to the county auditor, the official newspaper, other media, and all persons who had previously requested notification, at the same time as the governing body. The notice included the date, time, location, and topics to be considered. The following morning before the meeting, the notice was posted on the front door of the Board’s central office and also outside the meeting room. Under the law, the meeting notice is filed with the Secretary of state (for state level bodies), the city auditor (for city level bodies) or the county auditor or designee of the county (for all other bodies), or posted on the entity’s website. The Mandan Public School Board provided proper notice of its special meeting in substantial compliance with the law.

Opinion 2021-O-10 

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