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May 12, 2021

Request: Did the Hope-Page School Board violate the open meetings laws by failing to properly post meeting notices?

Conclusion: Finley-Sharon-Hope-Page (FSHP) Cooperative committee held a meeting in December, 2020, but posted the meeting notice only on the front door of the Finley-Sharon Public School. Separately, the Hope-Page School Improvement & Co-curricular (SICC) committee held a special meeting on January 4, 2021. A co-op board is a public entity subject to the open meetings law, so it was the responsibility of the FSHP co-op board, not the school board, to provide notice of the co-op board’s meetings. The SICC committee, however, is a committee of the Hope-Page School Board. The Board violated the open meetings law when it failed to post notice of the January 4, 2021 special meeting. 

Opinion: 2021-O-03

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