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July 8, 2021

Request: Did the North Prairie Regional Water District violate the open meetings law by improperly noticing a special meeting and failing to create minutes consistent with the requirements of statute?

Conclusion:  At its annual meeting, the District called for volunteers for the nominating committee. The committee is subject to the open meetings laws. Since the committee did not file a schedule in January with either the Secretary of State or the on the District’s website, all meetings of the committee are special meetings that must comply with laws governing special meetings. The District posted the notice but did not notify the official newspaper of the special committee meeting held on March 10, 2021. The minutes of the 2019 nominating committee were approved at the meeting, but the approved minutes did not contain all the information required by law. The district violated the law because it did not properly notice the special meeting and because the minutes that were approved did not comply with statute. The District must amend the minutes and provide them to the requester.

Opinion: 2021-O-07

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