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December 10, 2018

Request: Did the Morton-Mandan Public Library Board violate the open meetings law by failing to provide personal notice of upcoming meetings?

Conclusion: This office received a complaint from S. Paul Jordan that the Morton Mandan Public Library violated the law by failing to provide him with notice of its meetings. Individuals can sign up on the City of Mandan’s website to receive notice of meetings of various public entities serving the city of Mandan, including the Morton-Mandan Public Library. The Library Board was able to access Mr. Jordan’s subscription services that lists the meetings and committees Mr. Jordan subscribed to for upcoming meetings. The Library Board was not on the list, nor did any member receive a request from him. The Morton-Mandan Public Library did not violate the law because it had no requirement to provide notice of its meetings to Mr. Jordan, since it does not appear he asked for notice.

Opinion: 2018-O-25

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