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July 27, 2022

Media Contact: Ryan Koppy (701) 328-1574

Bismarck – North Dakota Attorney General Drew H. Wrigley announced today the North Dakota Lottery contributed $6.7 million to the state during fiscal year 2022. The Lottery provided $5.6 million to the state’s general fund, $800,000 to the Multi-Jurisdictional Drug Task Force Grant Fund, and $320,000 to the Compulsive Gambling Prevention and Treatment Fund, which helps train compulsive gambling counselors. Similar transfers are anticipated in the second year of the state’s two-year budget cycle.

“While many North Dakotans think of the Lottery as a fun opportunity to win, the Lottery also brings value to North Dakota by supporting state government,” said Attorney General Wrigley. “This benefits all who live in, work in, and visit our great state.”

Lottery tickets are sold through a network of over 400 licensed retailers in communities across the state. North Dakotans spent approximately $29.2 million on lottery ticket purchases in fiscal year 2022.

“Besides offering people a chance to win and supporting vital state functions, the Lottery allows retail stores to benefit from selling lottery tickets,” said Lance Gaebe, Director of the North Dakota Lottery. “Retailers gain business traffic and earn commissions on lottery sales.”

The North Dakota Lottery operates as a division of the Office of the Attorney General and offers multistate lottery games. The Lottery’s mission is to provide secure and interesting gaming options and to generate revenue for the state.

For information about the North Dakota Lottery, visit LOTTERY.ND.GOV.


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