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April 6, 2016

BISMARCK, ND – Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem has revoked the concealed weapon instructor license for Ross Walther of Garrison, ND, effective March 23, 2016.

The Bureau of Criminal Investigation (BCI) conducted an investigation after receiving complaints that classes taught by Walther did not comply with state laws or regulations.  An undercover BCI agent audited one of Walther’s classes and observed numerous violations, including several deviations from the approved training protocols.

“Mr. Walther’s disregard of his responsibility to ensure individuals seeking to carry a concealed weapon receive proper instruction is unacceptable and warranted immediate action,” said Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem. “The combination of responsible laws, reasonable rules and professional training standards has resulted in North Dakota having the greatest reciprocity of any state in the country, and my office will continue to monitor and enforce the integrity of the concealed weapon license program,” continued Stenehjem. 

Walther was authorized to conduct concealed weapon license classes because he had certain training credentials as a licensed peace officer and was employed as a deputy in the McLean County Sheriff’s office, although he has since been terminated.

“The BCI report of Walther’s actions will be forwarded to the ND POST Board for review and possible action against his peace officer license,” said Chief Agent Phil Pfennig, who runs the Concealed Weapons License section. “We also will forward the report to the county state’s attorney for review of potential criminal charges.”

The BCI will accept applications from individuals who took classes from Ross Walther through March 23, 2016, the date he was notified he could no longer provide instruction for concealed weapon licenses. Anyone who registered with Walther for classes held after March 23, 2016, will need to make alternate arrangements and should contact Walther directly for a refund of any prepaid amounts.

“Anyone who took a class from Walther and now has concerns about the quality of the training they received should contact a certified test administrator for a retest,” recommended Pfennig. Contact information for certified instructors is available from the Concealed Weapon page of the Attorney General’s website.

Walther is the fifth concealed weapons instructor whose license has been revoked by Attorney General Stenehjem since the mandated instructor training protocols began in 2010. 

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