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November 8, 2021

Request:        Did the City of Oberon violate the open records law by failing to respond to a record request within a reasonable time?

Conclusion:   In March, 2021, the requester hand-delivered to the city a written request for meeting agenda, minutes, and bills from 2020 though the date of the request. A public entity is obliged to respond to a request for records within a reasonable time, either to provide the records or explain why the records are not being provided. During several telephone calls between March and June, 2021, various city officials assured this office that they were working on the request, but the city failed to communicate with the requester regarding the status of the request, and did not respond to official written communications from this office regarding the outstanding request. On July 1, 2021, the city finally provided the requester with the 2020 minutes and agendas, but to date, the requested bills from 2020 and meeting agendas and minutes from 2021 still have not been provided. The city blatantly ignored its obligations and violated the open records law. 

Opinion 2021-O-11

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