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September 16, 2016

BISMARCK, ND – A Bismarck man who was the subject of previous consumer fraud investigations has now been banned from doing business in the state, announced Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem.

Ryan Dietz, owner of Today’s Homework, has been banned for committing repeated violations of consumer fraud laws. The Attorney General’s consumer protection division first investigated Dietz in April 2014, after receiving complaints that Today’s Homework had accepted advance payments from homeowners but did not complete the work. After the investigation and resulting legal action, Dietz, who was at the time a licensed contractor, completed approximately $500,000 of overdue work. 

In July 2015, investigators learned that Dietz had failed to renew his contractor’s license but was soliciting contracts in excess of $4,000. The Consumer Protection division attempted to resolve the licensing violation with a fine and proposed agreement, but Dietz immediately violated the agreement and so it was withdrawn. While the consumer protection investigation was pending, the Secretary of State’s office denied Dietz’s contractor license because he had misrepresented his civil and criminal history in the renewal application.

Investigators determined that despite not being licensed, Ryan Dietz continued to claim he was a licensed contractor and his business, Today’s Homework, solicited new work and accepted advance payments from homeowners. The Attorney General’s office initiated legal action, obtaining a preliminary injunction in July 2016, to stop Dietz from soliciting consumers or accepting additional advance payments.

The court entered summary judgment this week. Ryan Dietz and Today’s Homework are banned from advertising or soliciting for contracting work for five years and until Dietz has paid restitution of $132,526 owed to homeowners. Thereafter, Dietz is further banned from engaging in contacting work until he obtains a contractor’s license. 

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