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July 2, 2019

Request: Did the Belcourt School District #7 Board of Education violate the open meetings law by failing to notice meetings?

Conclusion: Prior to a special meeting on March 12, 2019, members of the Belcourt School District Board of Education were given an evaluation form to complete, individually, to rate the superintendent in ten performance areas. Each member provided the ratings to the school’s secretary and business manager, who compiled the ratings and comments into one document, which was presented to the Board for review and approval at the special meeting. The board members deny having any conversations with other board members outside the special meeting. The act of individually filing out an evaluation without the input of any other board member does not implicate open meetings law because it lacks a quorum. Therefore, the Belcourt school district #7 did not violate the law.

Opinion 2019-O-11

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