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November 14, 2018

Request: Did the TGU School District #60 violate the open meetings law by failing to post notice of meetings?

Conclusion: The TGU School District #60 created two committees. Although the TGU School District posted notices of committee meetings, it did not provide copies of the notices to the official newspaper, as required for special meetings, and the notices also lacked the level of specificity required of special meeting notices. In addition, the superintendent scheduled a town hall meeting on two consecutive nights in August 2018, to inform the public about TGU School District business plans and for the public to provide input. A quorum of school board members also attended these town hall meetings. Even if members of a governing body do not call a meeting or participate, if a quorum is present and its public business is being considered or discussed, it is subject to the open meetings laws. The TGU School District #60 failed to follow the meeting notice requirements, in violation of the law.

Opinion 2018-O-19

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