Initial Training-Intoximeters Alco-Sensor FST (ASFST)

Intoximeters Alco-Sensor FST (ASFST)

Intoximeters Alco-Sensor FST training is available through Intoximeters, Inc.’s online training site, This website and contact information is also available on a sticker inside the FST carrying case. 


The training takes 1-2 hours to complete, but does not have to be completed in one sitting.  There are two methods of training: Group or Individual.

  • Group training: the group leader will need to enter information on every person in the group. All members of the group must begin and complete the training as a group; individual members cannot log out or back in separately.     
  • Individual training allows the operator more freedom with leaving the training, if need be, and logging in later to complete training.

Completing the Intoximeters Alco-Sensor FST training program

When entering operator information, you must:

  1. Check either the "Law Enforcement" or "24/7 User" boxes;
  2. Click the "Supervisor" button so that you receive training on calibration procedures.

If you do not select these options, you may not receive certification from the Crime Lab Breath Alcohol Program.

You must complete all parts of a section to move forward. For example, when you begin the "Components" section, a page will open with all sub-items that fall under Components (i.e. On Button, Off Button, Display, etc.).  All of the sub-items must be viewed before Components can be checked as completed.  

  • If you need to log out and complete the training later, be sure to complete an entire section before logging off. If you log out before completing the section, all information in the section will be lost and you will have to start the section over again when you next log in.
  • When you come to Alcohol Standards in the Accuracy Check section you must complete both the Intoximeters Approved Dry Gas Tank section and the Intoximeters Approved Wet Bath Simulator section, even though North Dakota operators do not use wet bath simulators. 


Once Alco-Sensor FST training is successfully completed, the operator automatically receives an email with a Certificate of Completion. The Crime Lab Breath Alcohol Program also receives electronic notification of completion.

  • If the Crime Lab does not have a POST Board number for an officer, i.e., because of a limited license, that officer may not receive POST Board credit. To ensure POST Board credit is received, the officer may submit the officer's POST Board number to