Reports and General Forms

Following are various current reports issued by the Office of Attorney General.   

Biennial Reports

The Biennial Report provides information about the agency's operations for the two preceding fiscal years.

Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission

The Domestic Violence Fatality Review (DVFR) Commission reviews domestic violence deaths that have occurred in the state, recommending policies and protocols to prevent the incidence of domestic violence and resulting fatalities, and providing consultation and coordination for agencies involved in the prevention and investigation of domestic violence.

Comprehensive Status & Trends

On July 1 of even-numbered years, the Attorney General submits a report to the legislature of the status and trends of unlawful drug use and abuse and drug control and enforcement efforts in this state. 

Call (701) 328-2210 to request copies of previous reports. 

General Forms

  • Report of Expenditures (SFN 60451)
    • This form is submitted monthly by a state agency, board or commission, to report fees and expenses relating to services provided by a Special Assistant Attorney General.