Reports and General Forms

Following are current reports issued by the Office of Attorney General.   

Biennial Reports

The Biennial Report provides information about the agency's operations for the two preceding fiscal years.

​Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission

The Attorney General's Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission reviews fatal incidents of domestic violence and makes findings and recommendations to help reduce domestic violence incidents in the state and prevent future domestic violence fatalities. The Commission's report contains a summary of its findings and recommendations. There was no report issued in CY 2018. 

Special Assistant Attorneys General 

The Assistant Attorneys General within the Office of Attorney General provide legal services and advice to more than 70 state agencies, boards and commissions. Some state entities are authorized by law to have their own legal departments or may choose to retain private attorneys for specific cases or matters. These in-house and private attorneys are appointed as Special Assistant Attorneys General (SAAG) by the Attorney General but they are not employees of the Office of Attorney General. (N.D.C.C. Section 54-12-08.)

The SAAGs are paid by the state agency that hired them. The state agency must report each month the amount of legal fees and costs paid to the private attorneys. 

The SAAG is required to have and keep in force during the term of the appointment and for one year following the termination of the appointment, insurance covering the attorney’s professional errors, omissions, or negligent acts with limits of not less than $2M per claim and $4M aggregate, unless a different coverage amount has been pre-approved by the Chief Deputy for a specific appointment. 

  • Report of Expenditures (SFN 60451)
    • This form is submitted monthly by a state agency, board or commission, to report fees and expenses paid in the previous month for services provided by a Special Assistant Attorney General.
    • Email the completed form to